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CASE STUDY: How GPTW Survey Data Informed Irwin Mitchell's People Strategy

In their latest survey, 89% of employees at Irwin Mitchell LLP felt they were enabled to work flexibly and remotely supported by a smart working environment on both a team and individual level....

New Normal: Why Trust Must Remain Our Top Priority

As work environments become increasingly digital and dispersed due to Covid-19, it is those leaders who focus on trust and the employee experience who will ultimately see more positive business...

Why CCP Games Chose Certification to Benchmark Their Organisational Culture

Renowned gaming company CCP Games shares why Great Place to Work® Certification became the international benchmark for their organisational culture.

How O&L Boosts Employee Engagement with Great Place to Work Certification 

Find out how one Super Large workplace boosts their employee engagement scores through sustaining their Great Place to Work-Certified™ status.

The Power of Strong Employer Branding in Your Recruitment Strategy

See how top-performing UK organisations are using their culture and employer brand to attract and retain top talent.

Start Strong: 5 Ways to Give Your Culture a Competitive Advantage in 2021

Leading with empathy and prioritising trust and wellbeing are key HR trends for 2021. Share these 5 resources with your team and middle managers to start the new year strong.

Better Together: Inside Our Culture at GPTW UK

Like many of our clients and Best Workplaces™, our GPTW UK family has been working hard to sustain and continuously improve our great workplace culture – especially in a year when we were mostly...

4 Ways to Support Employees' Wellbeing

As a 2020 UK’s Best Workplace™  in Tech and recipient of Excellence in Wellbeing recognition, Acquia is an outstanding example of a company that cares.

Outstanding Tech Company Cultures That Will Get You Inspired

See how the UK’s Best Workplaces™ in Tech differentiate from the rest in driving innovation, productivity and a great employee experience for all – even amidst a global crisis.

5 Reasons Why Care-Based Leadership Was So Important During COVID-19

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